Welcome to Nivren Folkdansgille website

You will find Nivren Folkdansgille in Njurunda, just south of Sundsvall, about 400 kilometers north of Stockholm. If you look on a map you will  find Sundsvall in the middle of Sweden. This is a part of Sweden that is noted for the beauty of its scenery.

Nivren Folkdansgille tries hard to preserve the traditional craft, costumes, dances and music.

With our costumes and dances we show what the entertainment and the dresses were like in the 19th century.

Nivren Folkdansgille has at the moment about 100 members, divided between children and grown-ups.

We have had exchanges with many other groups from Germany, England, France, Hungary, Finland, Belgium, Estonia and USA.

We often use dances from different parts of Sweden as well as dances from other Scandinavian countries.

Young and old musicians play violin, accordion and double-bass.

Margareta Höglund Tfn:+4660560298E-mail: mhkvissleby@hotmail.com